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In order to achieve your goals, you should take some time before you even start looking to evaluate. Once you have answered these questions, make a list of the features you absolutely need.

Key features: is one of the fastest and easiest platforms to connect and collaborate on.

-3 Would you be interested insharing your story/special moment captured on Marco Polo?

If you're interested, go here to learn more and share your story:https://marco-polo.typeform.com/to/a9y27C :-) My niece asked me to join Marco Polo and I was hesitant at first even though it was free.

But with Marco Polo, you can talk as much or as little as you want to but the most important part is you can talk whenever it is convenient for you to talk.

It doesn’t matter at all whether the person you’re talking to is awake or not because they’re not getting this Marco Polo when you’re making it.

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