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Under the 3-day (or 1-day) payment window policy, all outpatient diagnostic services furnished to a Medicare beneficiary by a hospital (or an entity wholly owned or operated by the hospital), on the date of a beneficiary's admission or during the 3 days (1 day for a non-subsection (d) hospital) immediately preceding the date of a beneficiary's inpatient hospital admission, must be included on the Part A bill for the beneficiary's inpatient stay at the hospital; however, outpatient nondiagnostic services provided during the payment window are to be included on the bill for the beneficiary's inpatient stay at the hospital only when the services are “related” to the beneficiary's admission.The 3-day and 1-day payment window policy respectively is codified at 42 CFR 412.2(c)(5) for subsection (d) hospitals, 413.40(c)(2) for non-subsection (d) hospitals, and 412.540 for long term care hospitals, with detailed policy guidance included in the Medicare Claims Processing Manual (Pub.) After three un-replied messages though, they're probably just getting ready to block you for annoying them. Exchanging additional contact information (social media sites like Facebook, cell phone number etc.) should take place around the 3rd message.Giving out contact info before that seems either eager, lazy or otherwise suspiciously too soon to have developed any real comfort with this person. 30 minutes is how long you should be able to chat on the phone with someone before you agree to meet in person.

The truth is, it is far better to call sooner but to make shorter calls.The "three day rule" is an outdated piece of dating technology popularized by such films as "Swingers." It is a seemingly sensible yet often unrealistic tactic.The "three day rule" is a rule to prevent a man from appearing desperate or needy after attaining a girl's phone number that he (just) met.As an avid snowboarder where would you recommend someone just starting go to try it? You have 3 days after getting a message from someone to respond, or after sending a message to someone to determine whether they are going to respond.Past this 72 hour period of time, chances are good they are not and you are not. Discuss meeting in person and make sure that your end game goals are the same. If you don't hear back from them after 3 messages they're really not interested.

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