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Keep that in mind if he says something hurtful and doesn’t react to his comments. If he is certain he does not want to engage in conversation with you, don’t nag at him as you will just push him further away.

Instead, suggest that you continue the conversation when he has calmed down and is ready to talk. Accept that now might just not be the right time to tackle the problem.

because villagers would be in bed, preparing to wake up at dawn to till their [rice] paddy fields,” he said.

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Have a conversation with him, rather than talking at him. It is important that you don’t patronise your son when talking to him; make sure that he feels like the power is in his hands and that you will be there to guide and support them every step of the way.The logic behind this might seem questionable, but the proposed bill is actually supported by the provincial health agency.We know from recent Ditch the Label research that young males are less likely to tell somebody or seek support when they need it; societal constructs of masculinity have long denied many boys and men around the world freedom of visceral expression; taught from a young age to suppress their emotions, to ‘man up’, to ‘stop being a girl’- and many young men conform, for fear of being labelled ‘gay’ or ‘feminine’ – adjectives that have come to be synonymous with weakness.For example, instead of asking if he’s got a girlfriend, ask if he’s dating anybody – don’t gender it, this makes it easier for your son to talk to you about his sexuality, for example. Hear him out, carefully consider what he has told you and suggest that together you find a productive and positive way in which you can resolve the situation and move forward. If you go against what he is saying or criticise his actions, you are likely to be met with the phrase ‘You don’t understand! Demonstrate that you are eager to see his point of view and listen to what he has to say – he is more likely to respond to you in the same respectful manner when it is your turn to speak. Make sure you are able to control your emotions when talking to your son as responding with aggression or tears is likely to provoke an equally explosive reaction and might cause him unnecessary worry or concern.You could try saying something like ‘I understand why you might think/have done that, but do you think *insert suggestion* could be a good route to take? It is much easier to resolve a problem if you talk about it calmly rather than raising your voice. Remind him regularly that you are there to help and support him and that your love is unconditional. When people are angry, frustrated or upset sometimes they say things they don’t mean.

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