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These tests, as well as the interpretation of the results, are included in the linked documents below.NI recommends you complete these tests in this order.If any of you have any info, or can help in any way towards figuring out if we can restore what we have lost, please, please contact me.If any discord devs are reading this, I would appreciate some help. Please, if anybody can help me I would be very appreciative. I HAVE THE ID FOR THE BOT: 285271622879805440Screenshots: 1 2 3 4 5Hey all, just concluding our investigation - decided to echo what /u/Rin Horror's final edit mentioned.

And yeah, if at all possible we would love to have it back.Note from a mod on the server: This happened only a few minutes ago, and I'm pretty shaken up. The server's been effectively killed, we went from ~1450 members to 1100 bans and only 138 members left on the server. We were able to look into the logs and saw that the administrator in question created a bot account, then invited it to the server, gave it the appropriate permissions, and then the bot proceeded to reap havoc.I've parsed through the remaining members list about 4-5 times, and there's no permissions that look out of place. We were able to definitively rule out account compromise as the device the user performed these actions on matched their primary device (meaning someone else didn't log in on another computer, etc...).I'm going to go to bed for the night and talk to our server owner after the dust has settled.Until then, if you have any members on your server with the IDs I am listing below, ban them.

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