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Stasis dermatitis in a leg caused by high venous pressures secondary to defective venous valves in the large veins of the leg. Zamboni claims that the same process in the brain is causing MS.

But in order to do so ALL of the veins draining the head would have to be obstructed as happens in the superior vena cava syndrome.

But instantaneous flow patterns in large veins about the heart are highly variable, being dependent upon patient position and breathing pattern, like breath holding or forced expiration.

Looking for presumed abnormal patterns of venous flow, Dr.

But, high venous pressure in the entire brain can only be caused by blockage of the superior vena cava which drains all the blood from the head and arms and not just a blockage in one or both internal jugular veins because of extensive collateral veins (see below).

As a loyal listener of sports talk radio icon WFAN, New York, I frequently hear the commercials for something called "Bubba Burgers," supposedly the best tasting burgers on the market.

The ads must have gotten into my subconscious (see, advertising does work!

Undeterred by the principles of cardiovascular physiology, Dr.

Zamboni hypothesized that MS might be analogous to varicose veins in the leg in which there is very high venous pressure that can lead to red cell leakage and iron deposition in the skin, known as stasis dermatitis.

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