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Shaw ruled that while Ontario does not have a statutory definition of death, physicians in the province and across the country define death by the cessation of neurological functions.

Asked to consider whether the common law definition of death violated the values underpinning the charter, such as Mc Kitty’s religious beliefs, the court noted that it was being asked to break new ground.

In a 111-page judgment that touched on the common law definition of death, religious beliefs, charter rights, charter values and even on the concept of the soul, Judge Lucille Shaw ruled that Mc Kitty is brain dead and could be removed from mechanical ventilation.

She suspended the order pending a 30-day appeal period, during which the Mc Kitty family can take the case to a higher court.

Title VII defines “religion” very broadly to include organized religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, as well as sincerely held religious beliefs that are not part of a formal church or sect.

In determining whether a practice or belief is religious under Title VII, the inquiry is whether it involves moral or ethical beliefs as to right and wrong which are sincerely held with the strength of traditional religious views.

These laws protect against offering less favorable terms or conditions of employment, such as pay, job assignments, promotions, training, fringe benefits, etc., as well as prohibiting workplace harassment and retaliation based on religion.In January of this year, the Muslim employees walked off their jobs to protest Ariens’ policy which they say forces them to choose between their religion and their jobs.By February, many had returned to work but seven were fired for continuing to take unscheduled prayer breaks and 14 resigned because of the policy. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), alleging that Ariens failed to reasonably accommodate the Somali Muslim workers’ religious beliefs.In recent months, however, Ariens decided not to accommodate special prayer breaks, requiring instead that workers only leave their assembly-line positions during their two 10-minute breaks per shift.Although Ariens provides prayer rooms that the Muslim employees may use for their daily prayers, it says it costs too much in lost productivity to shut down an assembly line for unscheduled prayer breaks.

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Title VII also extends workplace protections to those who are discriminated against because they do not believe in religion or a particular set of religious beliefs.

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