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There is some overlap, but I want to address specifically how virtualization helps you and your SQL Server environment.I won't be able to cover everything, your mileage may vary depending on what features you implement and what vendor you use.In our shop the SQL DBAs have full access to all the SQL Servers and read access to v Sphere and we still do not have insight into the full details of our SAN environments or what is shared on our hosts.Backup and recovery are constant struggles because many backup errors are due to problems with v Motion or our Net App infrastructure.Still, I want to provide a decent overview so let's take a look.By provisioning I'm referring to the capability of dynamically assigning additional resources to a VM instance. It helps us DBAs focus on other things and it gives me a sense of confidence that I can provide additional resources to the instance on a moment's notice. I can't stand a server consistently showing 95% CPU idle time - it's a waste of CPU.

You will need to interface with all of them at a more intense level than in the past.We recently had a request for 14 new SQL Servers (seriously! They all ran the same application, used the same databases, and had the same configuration.The only difference was they were in different geographic locations.Ballooning is the method by which VM moves around memory.Ballooning will add memory to your VM if you need it and take it away if it doesn't (assuming you are not using lock pages in memory).

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We build anywhere from 4 to 10 new servers every month.

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