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Hi, If you can isolate those not updating a support ticket with debug log from both MMA and MMW would be most useful in determining why it happened?NOTE: MMA LOG ID would need to be supplied along MMW LOG file you create using That changes in this update as Google has completely revamped the standard widget and added a new 1x1 widget for getting tunes going fast. There are also changes to the music download screen and search functionality. The resizable one (starts out at 3x1 for some reason) looks great and you can make it any size you fancy.The I'm Feeling Lucky widget also shows a cool animation on the home screen when you start it up (check that out to the right and in the video).I'm going through the process of updating the album art in MMW - remove current embedded art and folder.jpg, then add new to the album folder and use albumart tagger to embed it into the tracks.

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However, you need to spend quite some time on searching for and selecting the right album artwork.

If the album is offered by i Tunes Store, and still i Tunes won't get album artwork, you can try to fix this by reinstall i Tunes : uninstall and then download the latest i Tunes to your computer.

As long as you have your i Tunes account, all the music should still be there.

Well, you should notice that the first method is the one that works most of the time and also the easiest to carry on. If you want to save yourself from the choose-and-decide process, go straight to Method 1.

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