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Well the main pain-point we solve for customers is to help them answer the question; We want to be able to deliver the insights that can inform the decision-making capability of people responsible for developing drug and diagnostic tests.Of course there are other competitors – large, bioinformatic companies that attempt to provide a similar sort of service.They want to understand what biomarkers are being used for which type of trials, so they can develop the requisite tests needed to support the companies running those trials, and then ideally to test consumers once a drug has seen approval.They use the data to look for new market opportunities in R&D, while gauging the direction of where the industry’s going.Each patient will have a different gene composition, and will respond to treatment in different ways.This is where applying biomarkers to the trial planning process becomes important.

A tech startup specializing in data intelligence, Amplion Inc.

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Provider of a web-based biomarker intelligence solution service intended to accelerate the realization of precision medicines.

The company's solution leverages sophisticated machine learning to collect, analyze and categorize biomarker intelligence with access to proprietary and public datasets, enabling clients to increase drug program success rates by up to 3 times over current methods.

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