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But then, a pretty girl joins the class, and the boys go crazy about her.Tori finds Beck and a guy named Russ supposedly fighting and tries to intervene.

She then takes iced coffee and spills it on top of Tori, causing her to leave the room in humiliation.Song featured: "Make It Shine" (performed by Victoria Justice), which becomes the series' theme song.Tori wants to try out for the lead role in a play called "Moonlight Magic", which Andre is writing the music for. Sikowitz (Eric Lange), she must master a monologue known as "The Bird Scene" before she can be involved in any school production.Meanwhile, Robbie and Cat go see his grandmother Mamaw, so Robbie can fix the internet.As Robbie notices Mamaw's animosity toward Cat, he decides to make a document to trick his grandmother into believing she has no more internet.

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After she performs the song, though, Trina proves to be ungrateful; she wants a material gift instead of the sentimental one Tori gave her.

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