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Your brain is the perfect matchmaker when it comes to picking out the perfect match for you. Plus expect to mislead a few people too because you’ll act one way one day and the other way the next. If all you did was put up exceptional photos and did nothing else, you would still get plenty of messages from men. When women get “wordy” they tend to make a list of what they want, don’t want and it can quickly turn into a rant session. Even if a decent guy reads your list and checks all of your boxes, he’s going to stay away.

You will often know within minutes of meeting whether there is “chemistry” or not. to not only figure out your compatibility level but also your natural chemistry with someone. The problem with this is you won’t get QUALITY messages. I understand the temptation to shoot from your most “flattering” angles, and straight on angles will not always give you that. But contrary to what you may believe, a woman’s “body size” is not what sticks out the most in a man’s eyes. So if you want to attract more men, despite your size, think about what kind of “attitude” you’re showing off in the photo. Who wants to date someone with that much pressure put on them? A man’s more likely to assume you’re a catch and fill in the rest with his imagination.

Writing an online profile is only one small part of the equation. Once you start “online dating”, the real measure of success comes from how many real face-to-face dates you go on. There’s only so much information you can gather from behind a computer screen. Or are you just standing there awkwardly, trying to avoid the camera or even looking embarrassed at having a photo taken of you? So show your confidence loud and clearly in your photo. More than 200 words and your About Me section starts to look intimidating.

So, make sure you aren’t using generic, cliche, and cheesy diction.

Most people are not clear on what they want when they start. Good quality photos will enable you to attract MORE men and more of the RIGHT men. It’s like putting a huge red highlight around your flaws. And second, if you start a conversation with a man, they will quickly figure that out too.

I made this mistake too and it took me one year of “online dating” before I figured out the problem. Good quality photos will also increase the chance of men responding to your messages. Any less and you’re drastically lowering your chances to get messages. A woman’s perspective of her own photo is often DIFFERENT from a man’s perspective. Decent men wouldn’t think to do these things in the first place. However bad men would see this as a “way in”, because clearly you’ve attracted this type in the past, which means you’re more likely to respond again! Highlighting your kids is just as bad as putting something negative there. You should be filtering men based on their profile and their message to you.

Incorporating these simple tips into your online dating profile will completely revamp the way women view your profile.

Online dating profiles can be hard to perfect and master, especially because there is so much competition out there.

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