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Trilogy, which I read in 2007 (many years after I ceased being a teenager) on the recommendation of my girlfriend.At the time she recounted her secondhand encounter with Rand, which seems to have more in common with a US experience.

A summary of the (pejorative) 'European perspective' on Rand might be: I'll take your word that this is the case within the USA.

For me that's a pity, as there is a neat poetry in the unification of this pair that feels indicative of the something-not-quite-yet-tangible at the root of my cultural interest in them.

Still, all is far from lost, as a search for “ayn rand” “l. An entirely unscientific* scan through a few suggests that, for the majority of commentators, the connection rests on their common ground as 'middling writers' and 'cult leaders.' A 1999 peak (see footnote) in content containing references to the pair appears to be a result of the Modern Library 100 Best Lists.

I think this is one area where these research interests clearly intersect with the realm of an 'art practice', particularly one which is functional and aims to enact or 'do something' in the world, rather than being simply representational.

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Suffice as to say, my girlfriend looked up Ayn Rand and decided not to bother.

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