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People are divided into only two categories, those who belong to the world and its ruler, Satan, and those who belong to God (Acts ).

These two groups of people are described in terms of opposites all through the Bible; e.g., those in darkness/those in the light; those with eternal life/those with eternal death; those who have peace with God/those who are at war with Him; those who believe the truth/those who believe the lies; those on the narrow path to salvation/those on the broad road to destruction, and many more.

We should gently teach those who oppose the truth, and be patient with difficult people.

Matthew tells us, “Let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly father.” We should serve unbelievers so that they may see God through us and turn to Him in praise.

Another detrimental effect of closeness with unbelievers is our tendency to water down the truths of Scripture so as to not offend them.

There are difficult truths in the Word of God, truths such as judgment and hell.

It can (and does often) cause the Christian to stumble in his walk, fall back into a sinful life, and also turn others away from God (by misrepresenting God and Christianity).

But we do enter those all the time, which is necessary to live still in the world and is a different subject from uniting in Christian ministry.

(I could understand, though, how the brother might not be too keen on the idea after not being allowed by the city to cut the trees on his own property.) Then the teacher interjected that an "expert" had declared that Paul had meant only that if a Christian were married to a nonchristian he should stay that way, but he shouldn't enter into such a marriage if he is not married yet.

Seems like we have ended up with a tautology, a circular argument: "not unequally yoked" means what "only in the Lord" says, and "only in the Lord" means what "not unequally yoked" tells us. I answered that brother by saying that being "not unequally yoked" is a commandment regarding Christian ministry, and since Paul says he is not handling the word of God deceitfully (2 ) of the deceitful answer a couple of Jacob's sons gave in the matter of their sister Dinah—saying they could intermarry when they ended up demonstrating that they couldn't—, Paul could not have changed his mind in to first saying it's not okay after all.

At this point the brother wanted to point out that I wouldn't enter a contract with an unbeliever.

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Question: "Is it good to have close friendships with unbelievers?

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