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Software businesses are measured on key metrics like customer acquisition, retention, and revenue.The best way to ensure company goals are met is to align the KPIs of the engineering team with the overall business metrics. On average, software developers spend 32 hours each month reproducing and fixing errors to ensure stability.

And yet, many software organizations still lack the strategy, monitoring, and tooling necessary to consistently deliver a reliable user experience.If your business is focused on shipping quality software, now is the time to recognize the broad impact of stability and plan accordingly.Here are our predictions for stability and its impact on engineering teams and production monitoring in the upcoming year.Did you know that eight out of ten users will retry your software application once or twice at most if it fails to work the first time? It means business success is now predicated on delivering positive experiences a user interacts with the application.Consumers are not patient or loyal about even a single bad user experience, which are often caused by one glaring factor: unstable software.

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