Bzzz dating game show contagious depression in dating couples

The pair that earned the most money during Round 2 won the game, a prize package, and moved on to the Final Bzzz. In the event of a tie, two tiebreakers were used during the show's run.

Season 1: One couple was asked a percentage question, and asked to offer an answer.

The bachelorette and her prospective mate were given a paddle that had two different answers on it.

They were both asked to go to a booth where they could not see each other's answer.

showing in red on the wall, thus eliminating him from the game.

The "Bzzz'd" player was then immediately escorted offstage by Wood, and made to wear earphones so they could not hear why they got "Bzzz'd".

The show was hosted by Annie Wood (who also served as the show's co-producer) and produced by Ralph Edwards-Stu Billett Productions.If all three men were "bzzz'd", or the bachelorette's two minutes expired (though this rarely occurred), she was stuck with the man she eliminated during the introductions.However, if she liked the answer a man gives, she rang the bell. I had the opportunity to interview her via Facebook. AW: When I was three years old, I placed my hand on the TV, Carol Burnett’s face to be exact, and declared, “I’m going to be on the television.” It’s all I’ve ever wanted. Creative control was entirely with Edwards/Billett with our show. But to also have other interests, live a full, balanced life with plenty of things in it that make you happy. You’ve probably seen her before somewhere, I guarantee it. GP: How did you first get involved in show business? GP: Annie, your show lasted 2 years, a pretty long time. However, many of Ralph Edwards’ other shows lasted much much much longer. Stu said that often times people want to have more control as to what is on the air and so they come in and change things. AW: I tell people to follow their bliss and never falter in being your own biggest fan. I’m still waiting for Pat Bullard, but I’m meeting new people all the time.

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