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, but was removed at the last minute.“It was great being part of David La Chappelle’s incredible photograph of Travis Scott’s album cover,” she wrote on Instagram. “It was hard, because I had just left my husband and was basically supported by him. “That was really hard to figure out where I was gonna get money to survive. It wasn’t like New Jersey.”In 2007, Lepore participated in the True Colors Tour, which was hosted by comedian Margaret Cho and featured LGBT supporters like Debbie Harry, Rufus Wainright, Rosie O’Donnell, and the Indigo Girls.

“But I’m curious why I’m not on the picture.” It was great being part of @david_lachapelle s incredible photograph of @travisscott s albulm cover but I’m curious why I’m not on the picture @travisscott posted 💋❤️💄 #amandalepore #glamourgirl A girl can’t help it❗️Too distracting for the eyes ❗️Upstaged everyone in the photograph ❗️Oh well……….. According to LGBT Wikia, the profits from the tour helped to benefit the Human Rights Campaign and The Matthew Shepard Foundation.

the original picture photographed by David Lachapelle featured the transgender legend Amanda Lepore but when Travis got a hold to it.. She underwent gender reassignment surgery in Yonkers, New York. She married Michael a year later, but his controlling nature, coupled with the death of her mother, caused her to run away and move to New York City.

After Michael discovered that Amanda was really a boy, his father helped pay for her sex change.

"I'm curious why I'm not in the picture @travisscott posted," Lepore said in her own post.

Related | Aquaria: The Unreal Housewife of New York winner Aquaria, who's worked closely with Lepore in the NYC nightlife scene, also questioned why Scott removed Lepore from his version. "I just saw transphobia gurl." We've reached out to Scott for a statement.

“I probably take longer than drag queens to get ready.” She travels constantly, flying all over the globe from Vienna to Sydney making public appearances. Lepore confessed that she just had eye surgery to makes her eyes bigger and more “doll-like.” In addition to a nose and boob job, a forehead lift, butt implants and having her lips inflated, Ms.

It helps that she doesn’t do drugs and rarely drinks, often sipping ginger ale from a champagne flute because it looks glamorous. Lepore had her bottom ribs broken in Mexico so she could achieve a smaller waist for a more hourglass figure. It’s been reported that the total cost of all her cosmetic surgeries is over a million dollars, but she doesn’t have an exact tally. I didn’t have to fix everything.” Susanne Bartsch, the party hostess, recalls going through customs in Dubai with Ms. “A group of female Muslim custom agents were gagging over her and wanted to know all about her boobs. Amanda totally complied and was giving them beauty lessons.

La Chapelle also appears to be defending Scott, writing that "Travis don't give a f*** about a thing except making fire." See it all, below.

One thing: La Chapelle's version has transgender icon Amanda Lepore posing in the background of the shot; Scott's post of the artwork omits her from his post. Amanda Lepore has weighed in on both posts, as well as members of the LGBTQ community.

"This is great but there's one thing missing," she commented on La Chapelle's post.

“The only way we can judge Amanda is through the eyes of 1987,” Norris said.

“Doing that, she becomes a bookmark to how much we’ve changed in 30 years.” album cover, fans flocked to the comment section of both Travis Scott and David La Chappelle’s Instagram pages to defend her.

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She still goes out clubbing three or four nights a week.

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