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ashwani sikka Runescape is not primarily a chat room. One you might want to try is Supybot or Your Bot, both can be found on the internet for free. Additionally, you can access several chat networks through their webpage, although this is not dependent on Opera, can be broken or not function properly. If you seek conversation, I recommend Usenet ( or any of dozens of other boards.

It features public rooms where one can speak to other IRC users around the world about current events, sports, and even your favorite TV shows.

Electronic mail—often abbreviated as e-mail or email—is a method of exchanging digital messages, designed primarily for human use.

A message at least consists of its content, an author address and one or more recipient addresses.

Channels can be used to discuss a variety of projects, for example: IRC:// #wikianswers (note: Does not actually exist) Irc webapps are easy enough to use.

The best part is that you only need to specify a nickname to use (similar to a username, but more temporary--unless the server uses a nameserv/name registration bot).

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