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Kudos.[quote] I judge Colton because he allowed his first big job he booked to be attacked as child pornography just because he didn't want to be seen kissing a dude.

You don't know that Colton had anything to do with hiring the lawyer and you really don't know that Colton approved of the language.

Anyone else shocked at how blinded you are by lust?

Colton is a mediocre actor, and his performances this season in particular have been noticeably of the scenery-chewing variety.

Not declaring his sexuality publicly, but hanging out with out gays and doing nothing to hide. If removing them was an effort to hide his sexuality, he'd be doing a lot more to pretend to be straight. Some of us just object to the fact that he posed for photos (many photos!

Someone never misses an opportunity to call him a whore every time his name comes up. It seems to me he is one of the glass closet types. As for the pictures, would you want pictures of you and your ex boyfriend, taken when you were 17, all over the internet?

In fact, from day one, Jackson has only ever been whining. We'll see how it develops.r16, Why can't a whore or slut also be a nice person?It is possible that the professionals responsible for Colton's career did not discuss this effort with him at all.But even if they did I would imagine the most they would have told him is that they were going to try to get the photos off the internet.If he had just let those alone and not tried to delete them, he wouldn't look so bad with some of us here. We can see he's sexy, but that doesn't minimize his actions. There is nothing in that post that was defending the actions of Colton or his attorney. What the attorney did is reprehensible but it was almost certainly spurred by MTV. He somehow got the photographer involved ($$$$) and has been harassing gay owned websites and threatening them with lawsuits over pics that were in a national magazine. From his twitter, re his Teen Wolf girlfriend[quote] Holland's one of my best friends, I adore hanging out with her. Colton and his boyfriend at the time were underage, but Colton's mother signed the release that allowed him to participate in the photoshoot. The fact that nothing was done to try to hide them until Teen Wolf does sort of prove MTV had a big hand in that.We've debated the Colton thing a million times on this board, no matter what your opinion on the obligation of actors to be out is anyone objective has to agree that what the lawyer did in his name was a shameful and disgusting act that continues to leave a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouth about him. It sucks he is a closet case but he is hardly the only one. Perfect bearding opportunity, which he hasn't taken. And say what you will about Colton and his past R45 but he has been cast as a regular on three different series for a reason and it isn't his blow job skills.

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