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The file "" is located in the lib subdirectory of the JRE of Web Sphere Application Server. XMLParser Configuration property is defined in the "" file. Pam and Jim spend all day on the phone together thanks to tiny headsets, so Jim hears when one of Pam’s art-school friends tries to convince her to stay in New York.

After being disrespected by a new vice president, Michael quits Dunder-Mifflin to start his own company, but returns triumphantly when he gets bought out and his rival is banished from Scranton.She shows up already having given birth, toting along her newborn daughter Astrid.The rather pathetic shower goes ahead anyway, with Michael treating Holly meanly so as not to upset Jan.Title: “Crime Aid”Original Airdate: October 23, 2008 Michael and Holly leave the office door unlocked following an after-hours tryst, and Dunder-Mifflin is robbed.To make up for the losses, Michael stages a charity auction with some seriously lame items, including a pair of Bruce Springsteen tickets that don’t actually exist.

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