Common internet dating lies

This article is going to cover the online dating lies that you’ll definitely see if you have ever tried making a dating profile and interacting with other guys online. I think every guy I’ve ever talked to has told me that he’s 6 feet tall.

It’s like the ultimate dream for guys to be 6 feet tall and being pretty tall myself whenever we both show up on the date they’re also shocked to find out how tall I am and tell me that they think I might be a few inches taller.

When you first begin talking to a woman always ask if the photos she has are current. You can be playfully accusatory by saying something like: “Are those recent photos or glamour shots for your high school year book?

They wanted to see if men and women were accurately portraying themselves to potential matches.

It turns out that most women did not find it necessary to avoid a few little white lies.

Shorter guys just can't catch a break with these girls!

Exaggerating how great your job is isn’t just for parties and catching up with old college friends anymore.

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  1. i am serious and honest and romantic character but i am able for to share everything with my partner even crazy stuff if i am in real love ))) i am open for the life and i want enjoy my life with real man for serious relationship .. I am very optimistic and friendly girl and maybe that is why life for me is colored.

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