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SRP is a combination of HP-UX 11i (PRM) resource partitions and HP-UX 11i security containment, with SRP-specific commands and tools." HP Workload Management monitors workloads based on policy goals and automatically migrates CPUs from idle workloads to busy ones, and from lower priority workloads to higher ones to give critical applications the resources they need. i CAP) to activate and deactivate additional resources based on real-time requirements."The capacity planning capabilities of HP Insight Dynamics offer the industrys first lightweight, integrated tool for ongoing capacity planning by simulating the placement of application workloads to help IT administrators improve server utilization.This process is mainly used to consolidate the loaded master data centrally.It identifies the duplicate records and removes those duplicate records (de-duplication process), or merges identical records into a single record. In a hamronization scenario, the previously de-duplicated data is sent back to its origin systems.

With HP-UX 11i v3, those hard partitions actually become Dynamic n Partitions, with the ability to dynamically add or remove a cell, without requiring system reboots for the n Pars involved." "Virtual partitions (v Pars) are separate operating system instances on the same n Partition or server, with O/S, application and resource isolation.Below is an overview of the HP-UX technologies which are of particular relevance for SAP Systems consolidation, including references to relevant White Papers, SAP Notes and Web Links proving more detailed information on each topic.HP-UX Systems are part of the "HP Converged Infrastructure" ( ), which is an IT architecture providing combined virtualized compute, storage and networks with facilities into a single optimized shared-services environment.HP-UX 11i Virtual Partitions enable you to dynamically move CPU power or memory between v Pars as your workload requirements change.v Pars also offers single processor core granularity." "Integrity Virtual machines have their own separate 'guest' operating system instances, on the same n Partition or server, with different OSs, versions, applications and users, in a fully isolated environment." "HP-UX Secure Resource Partitions are used to consolidate multiple applications within a single image of the HP-UX 11i operating system.

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It captures real-world server utilization data to pre-test different scenarios before making changes to critical applications." " Application Discovery works from within HP Systems Insight Manager software (HP SIM) to give you the ability to inventory running and installed applications across your system network and to centrally monitor application activity.

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