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Maturity Meters -- Concrete maturity testing assesses compressive strength, supporting ASTM C107.The testing can aid in decisions regarding concrete curing conditions and mix design.We also provide a wide selection of beam testing equipment and accessories from several manufacturers.Portable Concrete Beam Tester (ASTM C293) for 6" x 6" beams of 16" to 18" in length - hydraulically driven beam breaker uses the center-point loading method.Humboldt Concrete Maturity Sensor System – Our complete maturity sensor system utilizes CMOTS to provide a wireless and reusable system for continuous monitoring of concrete temperatures, maturity and strengths by computer, phone or tablet.Smart Rock2 Wireless Maturity Sensor – This rugged, mobile app-based sensor continuously monitors concrete temperatures from fresh to hardened stage.The H-3637 Standard Slump Cone Set provides the basic test components, including slump cone, base plate and tamping rod, in an easy-carry configuration.

Flexural Beam Testing Flexural tests evaluate a concrete sample’s flexural strength, also known as the modulus of rupture – the amount of applied force required to cause a concrete specimen to fail.

It’s also used to estimate strength based on the maturity concept.

Unit weight – Humboldt provides measures, strike-off plates and scales that support ASTM C29, C138, C192 standards for accurate measurement of the unit weight of concrete, a key step in determining strength, workability, and durability.

Pressure is released into the base by an external, brass, quick-release T-valve.

Slump Test Equipment -- The concrete slump test measures the consistency, or workability, of fresh concrete in accordance with ASTM C143 and ASTM C143M.

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