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In case you’ve never heard of it, Seeking Arrangement, founded in 2006 by Singapore-born, MIT-graduate Brandon Wade is the the world’s premier “Sugar Daddy” dating site, claiming to have 10 million active members across 139 different countries with four “sugar babies” for every one “sugar daddy/momma.”While the app’s business plan has often been criticized in countries around the world for exploiting young, naive women and for being little more than a prostitution service, Seeking Arrangement claims that it is merely helping its users form “balanced” relationships on their own terms: published an article warning its readers that the infamous app had arrived in China, reporting that the company had been registered in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone in 2015 and had launched a Chinese website and app (甜蜜定制).While the tabloid’s warning achieved much the opposite of its intended effect, with Chinese web users rushing to download the app, it seems unlikely that Seeking Arrangement’s success will last long, considering Chinese censors’ attitudes towards sex and social media.Here's a list of countries, companies, 5G wireless network projects & their Huawei business status. by Joe Panettieri • Aug 30, 2019 Huawei Technologies faces various product and 5G wireless network project bans; business contract restrictions; security scrutiny; or pushback in various countries.

Also, some countries allege that Huawei steals intellectual property from foreign technology companies. A: Multiple factors have heightened the media coverage and discussion about the company. A: The list below is fluid and sorted alphabetically. The inspection had no relation to recent headlines around growing scrutiny over Huawei’s ties with the Chinese government and allegations that Beijing could use its technology for spying, something which the company has denied.”The company’s website and app remain up in China, as does their Weibo page which has close to 11,000 followers.However, along with being disappared from We Chat, Seeking Arrangement has also been placed under investigation by authorities in Shanghai which announced earlier today that the company has no operations in Shanghai and as been entered into the FTZ’s Lists of Enterprises with Abnormal Operations.The announcement came after Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said his government was still exploring options for 5G and had not yet formed an opinion on the possible role of Chinese companies. North Korea: Huawei secretly helped North Korea build and maintain its commercial wireless network. Intel, Qualcomm, Inter Digital Wireless and LG Uplus have restricted employees from informal conversations with Huawei. Nokia Statements: Nokia has disowned comments made a day earlier to the BBC by their CTO Marcus Weldon—comments that related to the alleged security issues with equipment from rival Huawei.A recommendation was expected by the end of May 2019. New Zealand: The country’s top intelligence agency has banned controversial Chinese vendor Huawei from supplying equipment for the country’s first 5G mobile network in November 2018. Such a move would raise questions of whether Huawei, which has used U. technology in its components, violated American export controls to furnish North Korea with equipment. Softbank: The company’s Japanese telecom unit selected Nokia and Ericsson as vendors for it next-generation 5G wireless network, excluding long-time supplier Huawei from the project. South Korea: More than a hundred South Korean politicians and business leaders toured Huawei’s headquarters and its lavish new campus outside Shenzhen. S.-China trade war, have landed export-driven South Korea in a familiar bind, caught between its crucial security ally and biggest trading partner. Multiple Technology Companies: Some of the world’s biggest tech companies have told their employees to stop talking about technology and technical standards with counterparts at Huawei in response to the recent U. Nokia has been careful in its public statements about Huawei’s difficulties. Thailand: Thailand launched a Huawei 5G test bed on February 8, 2019, even as the United States urges its allies to bar the Chinese telecoms giant from building next-generation mobile networks. United Arab Emirates (UAE): A telecom company called du has discussed U. restrictions on Huawei with the Chinese company, and believes the restrictions will not hamper its 5G network, its chief executive said. Continue to page two of two for Huawei-related policy statements from the United Kingdom, the United States, and more.

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But hey, even if the company does get completely shut down in China by the end of the week, at least they’ll have gained a good bit of free publicity out of this whole drama.

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