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Cracking The Dating Code by Kelly Hunter Poppy West – genius and legendary code–cracker – needs a hideaway.

Her borrowed desert island seems perfect, until she discovers the owner is the most dangerously sexy man she has ever laid eyes on…now she's out of her depth!

As for her lips…they’d been the first thing he’d noticed when he’d opened his eyes and he’d known instantly exactly where he wanted them. He headed for the office, found his sunglasses, put them on and sighed as the light dialled down a notch or four.

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All told, there's nothing wrong with an all-emotion story - it was just odd to find it half-pretending to be something 2: I tore through this in a couple of hours while resting a twisted ankle. I loved that Poppy was a true introvert and not a caricature of of a computer geek.

There was nothing wrong with her, just that social interactions don't come easy to her. And I loved that Seb was more outgoing and a risk taker but never really wanted to change her to be more like him.

Y., prison in the 1990s, Gary Klivans was a one-man gang unit.

Members of The Latin Kings and the Bloods made up a sizable part of the prison population.

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Klivans learned quickly that to handle them, he needed to understand them, and that meant understanding the code they used to communicate. He became one of the most sought-after code-breakers in the country.

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