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I subscribe (pay for) only one channel (Acorn TV) and have had no problems with the monthly billing. I do sometimes have problems with load time of content, which I consider is due primarily to network congestion based on established factors I know about (other users, etc).

I take the time to restart the stick once every 2 weeks or so because there's no way to turn it off other than unplugging it. I see plenty of other users have major problems with various things to do with Roku, and because I haven't had any I thought I'd write this to let people know that it's not always difficult.

I'm a private individual not connected in any way with Roku, TV or internet companies. At the very minimum of once a week, I will be unable to connect my remote to my stick. Cannot believe of the complete lack of professional service at Roku.

And it was somewhat easier and also cheaper than Dish.There is no email address or local number I can call. Such requirements prevent access to free content to people who do not have credit cards (ex. Roku offers many free channels, and they never charge for them. Maybe not in their eyes, but it's bad business for sure!!!!However, Roku requires all customers submit credit card or Pay Pal information in order to access the free content. They have encrypted code that lets it see your SSID, making you think it's your Wi Fi, then hooking you into buying this service. Roku lets you have all of your video streaming services in one place.It was not obvious how to set it up but I kept at it until I finally got those channels registered.Since then my TV watching experience has greatly improved.

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