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now if i begin typing into the last row in the datagridviewcomboboxcolumn, a new row does not automatically appear and even if i type the exact same text (even the entire word) as one of the existing combobox values and press enter this value isn't selected. I've also noticed that the first time i try to update a value at another row (not necessarily the last row) the newly selected value doesn't appear in the datagridviewcombobocolumn, also the second time i try this it generally works. I have a Data Grid View and I am Validating a column, in this case it's a zip Code column. Cell Leave Dim dgv Sender As Data Grid View = sender 'Msg Box(dgv Sender. this may be the datagrid itself or the datagridviewrow, you will have to msgbox a sender. Then you can code directly against the sender, and that should work. -Sometimes the answer to your question is the hack that works Thanks for the suggestion,sender.

I suggest you have a look at a detailed explanation in Specially the videos that Paul Stovell lets you download there.

Are you thinking about creating an Amazon Web Services account for your business? In this course you’ll get an overview of the history of AWS and take a tour of their user interface. Columns(4) is the FIFTH column, as numbering starts with zero.

If this isn't what I want (I simply want this column to list "normal" time possibiliies while allowing a user to manually enter their own times if neccessary), do you know how to populate a DGVCombo Box with a list of values that operates like a "lookup" list and also allows for user entry?

You may have to move all the logic related to validating that data from the Validating, to the Cell Leave, and just assume that the data there is good.

That's why changing the datagridview during the validating event gets overwritten.

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