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To make data entry easy, after you have specified the data type of a field as Date/Time or Date & Time, in both the table and the form, the field or text box becomes equiped with a calendar.The calendar appears on the right side of the field or the text box when the object receives focus.What you would be doing is to ask Microsoft Access to display such characters "as is" while considering the non-quotes characters as part of the format.Here is an example: Practical Learning: Using Date Masks Dates Masks In the Design View of a table, the Format property allows you to specify how a date would display in a field but not how the user must enter it.

To create such sections, include the characters in double-quotes.It is equivalent to Microsoft Access Date/Time data type.The Value of a Date In Microsoft Access, the value of a date starts and ends with #.As an alternative to the calendar, the user can manually type the value of the date.In this case, the user must respect the rules of both the format that was set and the language that is being used.

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When creating a new field, to directly specify its format, in the Datasheet View, click under Click to Add or click a cell in the column that will precede the new column. A summary of the letters used and their combinations are as follows: To use these letters, you can simply type the desired combination in the Format field of the Design View of the table or the Format combo box of the Property Sheet of the text box of a form or report.

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