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For one thing, Buzuvis writes, coaches’ influence over athletes may suggest lack of consent, which would constitute sexual harassment.But even when both involve profess it’s consensual, a college could be at risk of liability because the relationship is likely to negatively affect other members of the team.More than 460,000 NCAA student-athletes – more than ever before – compete in 24 sports every year.Member schools support their student-athletes’ academic success by providing state-of-the-art technology, tutoring and access to academic advisors.More than eight out of 10 student-athletes will earn a bachelor’s degree, and more than 35 percent will earn a postgraduate degree.The NCAA is asking colleges -- but not ordering them -- to explicitly prohibit romantic relationships between athletes and coaches or other athletic department staff. “Sexual relationships between coaches and student-athletes have become a serious problem,” declares the opening line of a new publication the National Collegiate Athletic Association is distributing to all its member institutions, urging athletic departments to create policies that “unambiguously and effectively” prohibit such relationships.“The NCAA is offering this as a resource, not a mandate, and in that sense there is no consequence for a school that ignores the issue.Nevertheless, I think this is the appropriate first step,” Buzuvis said.

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“I believe that culture, not policy, is going to drive change on this issue.

A tactic of providing resources and encouragement to change expectations within individual athletic departments will more effectively foster this change of culture, where a mandate is more likely to evoke backlash.” The problem may be serious, but it’s certainly not new.

Buzuvis wrote that “some initial resistance" to the model policy is likely, given that many consider these relationships to be harmless.

But in an e-mail to on Monday, she said she’s hopeful that resistance will pass.

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While she doesn’t think this is the first statement the association has made on the matter, it is the first time it has issued specific policy guidelines.

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