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The ekiben soon developed a reputation as a distinctive bento with a home-made feel, frequently prepared with local ingredients and often featuring local specialties and reflecting the tourism aspects of the local area.“The bento is very much a product of its environment,” explains Tsubuku, “and an expression of the sensibilities of the region.

So the bento box provides an accurate representation of the Japanese way of life and how it has evolved through the ages.” She illustrates this point by showing us examples of bento boxes from the past.The makunouchi bento is a perfect illustration of the importance of entertainment to the Edo people.The ekiben has its origins in the Meiji era, when railway development flourished as part of a concerted national drive for economic prosperity and a strong defense force.In the culinary world, this is illustrated perfectly in the bento, surely the ultimate culinary expression of miniaturization.The aim of the bento is to provide a visual feast of color and movement to complement the delicious flavors on offer, not to mention the sleek, glossy feel of the lacquered box.

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