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“ Like other oppressed and exploited people, we struggle for social equality.We define the struggle for gay liberation as a part of the struggle of the Filipino people for national freedom, and at the same time, this has a distinct concern for the concrete demands of Filipino gay men.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.From their web site ( are these words: “ In September 1993, Pro-Gay Philippines was born when several progressive gay student activists gathered as a study group that tried to develop a concept of gay Filipinos’ roles in the movement for national and social liberation.Pro-Gay-Philippines believes that gay liberation involves not just gay men but also all other people of different sexual orientations.In addition to these LGBT groups, Pinoy Pride also includes affiliation with individual and representatives of private companies, non-governmental organizations, as well as governmental organizations, including the Dept of Tourism. This wordy listing of Pinoy Pride’s component groups is intended to give offer awareness of the many activist organizations currently operating in the Philippines on behalf of LGBT rights and recognition. The other reason for the listing is to reveal the present and ever-changing progress of the Philippine LGBT community.Also joining with Pinoy Pride was ‘Womedia’—Women’s Media Circle Foundation (“empowering women through media advocacy”) which was responsible for the enormous secretariat work for the ILGA world conference in November 2003. Richard Mickley in 1995, it ministers almost entirely to the LGBT community with support groups, religious teaching and church services including gay weddings. Richard—an ordained priest–was once threatened with deportation to his native Philadelphia for conducting gay matrimonies, but that threat has now passed. Pinoy Pride is a new central unity that has been coalescing for several years to become a nationally identifiable organization.

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