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“This is a community”, wrote historian Don Lorenzo Cappelletti, a professor at the Pontifical Antonianum University “who were called Nestorian because at the time of the Council of Ephesus (431), which condemned Constantinopolitan patriarch Nestorius, they remained faithful to the antiochene theological tradition, against the extremism of the Alexandrian theological current”.

In reality, “already before the Council of Ephesus, they intended to distance themselves from the Roman State Church.

Indonesia officially withdrew at the 171st OPEC Assembly in Austria, November 30, 2016.

OPEC changed the production policy after a steady decline in demand.“Indonesia has a considerable role in the field, so we’re being courted by OPEC members,” Sujatmiko said.

The 7th Century monastery is located on the eastern side of the island and is believed to have been established by a small community of about 30 monks.

The Ministry responded to the invitation by clarifying terms of membership.“The Minister has sent the OPEC a letter on May 24 with a condition that OPEC will not cut (Indonesia’s) domestic oil protection in consideration of already declining production,” Sujatmiko said.

The potential reactivation of membership is hoped to strengthen relationships between Indonesia and member countries.“If this invitation for Indonesia to join OPEC brings bilateral or even multilateral benefit, we hope Indonesia can gain advantages in better opportunities for investment in the oil and gas upstream sector and a special price for crude oil from other OPEC members,” Sujatmiko said.“Usually, maintaining bilateral and multilateral relationships between members will smoothen the cooperation process.”Reactivation of membership is set to renew interest in Indonesia’s oil and gas sector, which has undergone a series of reforms during the ministry’s change in leadership.

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