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The only thing predictable about a Gemini is his unpredictability.His mind is always in overdrive, thinking how his surroundings could be bigger, better, louder, more memorable, funnier—nothing that fits the norm satisfies him.He may go off on a tangent about the highlights of his boyhood or spend an hour ranting about his obnoxious boss or pontificate way too long on the subject of gentrification.Even if you're not interested, it's imperative you muster up a gaze of interest and stick with it.Don't question his sudden need to be left alone or try to bring him back to his boisterous self.

This is a great adventure if you can hold on for the ride; dating a Gemini guy is not for the faint of heart or a shrinking violet who likes to lurk in the shadows.Despite his carefree demeanor, he keeps track of your generosity and kindness in little corners of his heart and head, endearing you to him more every day.If your relationship is long-term, all of your heartfelt gestures will eventually be paid back in spades.He may be the life of the party most of the time but a Gemini man also values solitude.No surprise that all that fun and high-energy socializing can fill your head with so much data that a Gemini man has to take five now and then to regroup.

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