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But there’s been a sea change in the public perception of the granny panty.For millennials, granny panties are now de rigueur in randy Instagram posts, daily life, and celebrity red-carpet photos.A sociocultural examination of the renewed interest in the granny panty begins in 2014, when granny panties make a grab for the throne.It was during a time when millennials were beginning to grasp how dark a hand they had been dealt, just as the economy was recovering but the recession’s long-term effects were coming into focus.Thanks to a host of reasons — the rise of athleisure, the rejection of some particularly pernicious strains of hypersexualization, a reframing of what our society interprets as sexy — granny panties are taking up space in women’s underwear drawers in a way they haven’t since the ’50s.

In 2017, while everyone was donning their pussy hats for the Women’s March and the #Me Too movement kicked off in earnest, sales of granny panties had risen 129 percent on Lyst.

The fitted, full-coverage, high-waisted style emerged as fabric technology advanced and elastics grew more stable.

The elastic permitted the waist and leg openings to hug the body.

For now, all we can see is that by 2018, granny panties were becoming so culturally ubiquitous that it was impossible to find a red carpet photo sans a celebrity showcasing them under a sheer skirt.

Granny panties had officially infiltrated the culture in ways both highbrow and lowbrow.

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