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It was so popular that Queen Mary II started her own collection and even had a special cabinet made to house her porcelains from China.

This is where we got the name for a “china cabinet.” By the mid-1700s the British potters were gaining the knowledge to produce wares in an effort to compete with the Chinese imports.

They ended their relationship during the first half of that year for unknown reasons, though it can be assumed that the two did not end amicably from comments both he and Courtney made in the Smosh Summer Games Apocalypse Smoshcast episode he was featured in.

He was originally an editor for the channel, and was officially added as a new member (along with Flitz) in the video New Smosh Games Members? Wes is described as one of the 'newer' additions to Smosh Games, meaning he is one of the four hosts who were not part of the original lineup.

He enjoys cosplaying and gaming, and since 2014 has posted videos on a personal channel, resuming this in 2018 with a new one after losing his first.

In response to losing his first channel, Wes created a new channel called Wes IRL, which has over 45,000 subscribers as of January 2019.

Wes dated actress Isabelle Lynn (@reminawest) from 2014 until early 2018.

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The Maker's Marks in the photo gallery represent only a small number of those actually in possession at the SACRF.

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