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The subject of the agreement is the purchase and sale of goods on the seller’s e-commerce website.

General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the agreement and applicable on the date of its conclusion.

If the item is not delivered within this reasonable additional period, the buyer is entitled to withdraw from the agreement.. The dimensions, weight and other details of the goods contained in the seller’s catalogs, prospectuses, and other sales documents placed on the seller’s e-commerce website are declared by the manufacturer, with a tolerance of ± 1% of their value. The buyer has the obligation to take over the goods at the agreed place, according to the purchase agreement or in some other way during the delivery of the goods (hereinafter as the „place of delivery“).

Upon receipt of the goods by the buyer, the goods are deemed to have been delivered. If the delivery needs to be repeated, if the buyer will unjustifiably refuse to take over the goods or if the buyer will not take over the goods within 7 days after the delivery time has elapsed, the seller is entitled to claim compensation for the actual shipping costs of the goods. The buyer’s obligation is to check the received consignment, the packaging of the goods and the goods, immediately after delivery in the presence of the seller’s substitute, such as the courier.

The seller is obliged to settle (review) the claim within 30 days from delivery of the defective goods by the buyer.

The buyer may refuse to accept the delivered goods with a defect or confirm the delivery of the defective goods and subsequently according to Art.

8 of these GTC file a complaint (claim) against the seller or the person designated by him 5.9.

8.8 The seller recommends the goods to be insured when sending them for a complaint.

Shipments sent as cash on delivery will be not accepted by the seller.

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If the purchase price has been already paid, the seller is obligated to return the already paid purchase price or part of it after the withdrawal, within 14 days of its delivery. For each product on the e-commerce website is listed also the availability in stock.

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