Dating outfit

A backpack is a really good option because then you have everything with you when you go in although it might take a little bit longer to check your bag and you won’t have to lug souvenirs around.

Sunglasses are a must-have if you’re going to be outside all day and the sandals will allow you to be cute and comfy. This outfit is for someone who just wants to throw something on and be ready to go.

The bandeau is the main star hidden under a loose gray tank top and paired with ripped jean shorts.

The denim shirt tied at the top really gives this outfit the effortless feel that it needs along with the tank top under it.

Pairing the high-waisted denim shorts gives you a chance to show off your curves because a baseball jersey doesn’t really do anything for your body unless you get a tight one.

The converse is an awesome choice, because of all of the walking and a simple black bag completes the outfit.

The crossbody is enough to carry all of your essentials for the day as well.

This outfit is one of the classic choices to go with.

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