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Television has long been the home of a sort of censored reality, one in which people hardly ever swear and never, ever, get naked. You can try to control it all you want, but then whoops, someone’s dropping f-bombs and someone else’s titties have broken free.And while we’re fans of f-bombs (you better fucking believe it), we’re here today to concentrate on dem titties.We're going to look at the top offenders, starting with: I remember coming across this on On Demand one day. What I absolutely don't like is when a show tries to beat into your brain that whatever given group of people are quite sexually active. From what I can gather, it's an excuse for creator/actress Lena Dunham to get naked.

Or everything is so suggestive that you feel like you should bathe in holy water just to feel semi clean again.

All I remember is an opening credit, and the next thing I knew I saw a couple going at it like monkeys. Every episode is the characters trying to navigate through being single, or something.

Take away what little wit and actual funny moments that were in Sex and the City, and you have Girls.

I don’t get Scott’s appeal, but they circle each other for a bit, check out each other’s butts and decide to be in love.

Finally, Dating Naked delivers on two promises: naked ziplining and foul-mouthed Katie.

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(This show is the perfect place for him to meet women.) Their charming DIY spa date essentially turns into soft porn as they rub each other down with “spa mud” and wrestle on the beach.

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