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Since your listeners and fans are going to listen to your music through headphones, their car speakers, home speakers, or however they prefer and not on the same studio speakers you used, it may seem that most studio monitors that are good enough are just that - good enough.Defined as a ‘repeated musical phrase’, guitar riffs are usually instantly recognisable, easy to remember, and set the tone for the song.They toured around the world with Led Zeppelin in the 70s. And now they’re used on stage and in the studio with everyone from Blink 182 to Slipknot to Madonna. Orange first came onto the bass scene in the 70s with the release of our ‘Series Two’ amp – a huge 120 watt ‘Orange Super Bass’.Over the years, legends such as Steve Harris, Geddy Lee and Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick have adopted our products as a core part of their sound.The QX Series is designed to stand alone as a full range sound reinforcement loudspeaker, full range stage monitor, or designed as a main with our SCx18A subwoofer for a three-way extended low end system.The SRS8 active bi-amplified studio reference monitor is simply one of the best near-field monitors on the market today. It retains all the quality warm tone of the Legacy pre amp section of the amp but now I can carry it in my suitcase and know that wherever I go I will have my favorite amp tone with me.""While producing our school musical we were so happy to find the Carvin Audio wireless headset mic, transmitter and receiver.Orange has a 51 year history as an all-analogue amp builder.From our valve-driven Rockerverb MKIII to the solid state Crush Pro Series, we have been, and will remain to be, all-analogue.

Above all they understand their customers and offer incredible service and guidance.

However, even our electric guitar amps have found use among acoustic artists.

Raelyn Nelson uses a Rocker 15 Combo for amplifying her ukulele. There’s no secret that the blues was the origin of rock and all it’s sub-genres, and we are thrilled to see that the legacy still lives on today with young artists embracing it and playing it forward.

QX Series loudspeakers are available now and ready to ship.

If you’ve spent time in the studio, you likely have spent countless hours listening to mixes on studio monitors.

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