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If you feel like this makes absolutely no sense, I hear you, brother. But in a near incessant online flame war (and one that I'm not even involved in!) defensive walls inevitably get built and people arrive at these kinds of aversive states. Those are all the reasons that would contribute to my reluctance to dating a geek.(And even enjoyed them.) I'm referring to men whose obsessions, whose primary hobbies, whose major, long term, interests, fall into these groups.Hopefully, this response offers a look into the kinds of factors that can contribute to negative dating outcomes for people who identify as geeks.Well, my raw prejudices inform me that I wouldn't expect a “geek” to treat me like that.On some level some guys don't seem to understand that dating is not fundamentally different from making friends with someone, and I feel the male-dominated “geek” subgroup is especially afflicted by this flaw of perspective.While on a strictly rational level I have nothing against geeks having the interests that they do, because I am as flawed a human being as the next person and therefore as much subject to social conditioning, on some subconscious level I associate their obsessions with childhood.This clashes heavily with the major component of my personal masculine ideal, which values maturity, wisdom, and competence.

We just don't often care about enough of the same things, contributing to conversations that are unstimulating or quickly stagnate.

Interests in these areas have never struck me as “geeky”.

I would instead categorize competent enthusiasts as “nerds” and, as a graduate of a biomedical engineering program myself, these are my people. I love thinkers and problem solvers and intuitive, insightful, people. I have been in settings where I was regularly surrounded by such people, and I seriously don't believe that were I in similar circumstances with a dozen 6′5″, muscley, Calvin Klein underwear models that I'd have found them half as attractive.

It's already hard to want to date someone who doesn't really seem to share your interests, but it's especially difficult when he approaches you as not someone to whom he might easily relate, but as some kind of judge, some dispenser of rejections or awarder of approbation.

You know how when you're out and about socializing in your life and you meet some new people, you naturally go with the flow with respect to befriending them?

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