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Personally, I now think all debates should end with a song.

Check it out below, as James Corden continues […] Since all of our options are legitimately horrific, we may as well have a little fun with the upcoming presidential election.

Last night halfway through SNL, Melissa Mc Carthy came on in and saved the day as Sean Spicer. While this whole election has really made us laugh until we cried, it’s really open to interpretation whether it’s been tears of sadness or laughter.

Not only did she lo exactly like him, she spewed out the most random nonsense that made the impression totally on-point. And speaking of laughter, Bad Lip Reading kills it again with their take on Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

The latest installment of “Bad Lip Reading” actually made part of the debate quite enjoyable.

Check out Bernie and Hillary….well, mostly Bernie, but still.

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