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I think for men, they’re getting what they want way too much in some ways. Women don’t think about it like, “Why should I withhold something that I want? It drives down the price of things, even expensive good things.

” Because you want him to be good in terms of him rising to the occasion. I don’t talk about sex dolls, but that’s around the corner. So women will have to decide: “My boyfriend has a 0,000 sex doll. ” They will have to make up their minds about this question when they probably would rather not.

It goes back to women feeling like they’re in competition with each other. You speculate about what can be expected in the year 2030. Anything interesting pop up about sex in different regions of the country? The Tri-Cities was a little bit distinctive because it has some unique economic challenges. One of the clear things we saw is that relationships now seem to be defined as when we start having sex.It used to be you had to define it: “Are we in a relationship? I shouldn’t be seeing other men or women anymore, right?There’s an egalitarianism, which a lot of people like, but I think it’s not necessarily—it doesn’t always pan out the way we imagined it would. You just can’t give men what they want and expect them to be excellent human beings. I don’t end the book on any sort of, like, this is going to change soon.

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All three of these things in some ways seem to lower the price of sex, which I wrote about six years ago, and seem to still do that.

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