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This site is owned and run by Dave Robinson, a Crew Manager with Aboyne, Station R37.To contact Dave with suggestions for making this site more useful please email him.They have a highly organized structure to their gang, with an alpha pair taking the leading role.(1) The alpha female is however not always the only breeding female in the group.If there is more than one breeding female, the births are synchronized, which makes caring for the young easier.Tinder dating site is an elite club, the largest and best millionaire dating site.

(2) If they are attacked, they will often gang up and try to intimidate the attacker by fluffing up their fur and with gaping mouths launch themselves as a unit at the attacker.Violent skirmishes between two groups can occur which intriguingly may be followed by a swapping of allegiances after the fight.This leads to new genes being added to the gene pool.(3) Their safety strategy is in their numbers and their constant communication.A very interesting reaction to an approaching snake has been recorded, where “the squirrel closest to the intruding snake will imitate the snake’s crawling motion by bringing its tail to the side of its body in a sweeping motion.”(3, page 128) This can thwart the attack as the snake gets so unnerved, that it moves away.

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(1) The sentry will stand up on its hind legs, often on top of a termite mound, keeping a constant watch for raptors and other predators.

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