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It’s more about how to understand women and less “personal development” advice. Can a lonely, single guy really improve his “game” with women, simply by reading an ebook?

So is David De Angelo’s “Double Your Dating” a scam or not? It’s a classic case of over-promising, under-delivering.

David De Angelo also cites attention ploys as VERY needy and insecure. If you could possibly preface your action with “Hey! David De Angelo says that “If you’re one of these people, just realize that this is a clear demonstration that you’re insecure and needy.

You may always be right, but being overly argumentative is bad for your sex life. If you really want to argue with something, do it in a funny way and not in a serious way” (Double Your Dating, p 50).

We really wanted to like “Double Your Dating,” because we believe one of the big sociological problems of our age is that the sexes can’t understand each other. He is also behind Christian Carter’s basically a version of “David De Angelo” for females. He gives lectures on how to manipulate people to make millions, basically by making any product seem premium and worth buying even when it’s not.

Here is Eben Pagan – I mean, “David De Angelo” – talking about how he uses human psychology to manipulate people for greater sales: So “David De Angelo” is really just a damn good direct marketer, preying on single guys’ desperation with a downright scam?

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