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Norms have shifted as people have become more comfortable meeting others online and prefer to meet up more quickly, without extensive screening as in the past.While the average user profile for traditional sites tended to be either single professionals who were too busy to meet people in their daily lives or divorced people in their 40s or 50s looking to get back into the dating scene, mobile apps have involved younger generations of users in their teens and early 20s.For this reason, it is often recommended that online daters have their friends or family members who’ve had prior online dating experience and success, look over their profile to make sure it is both accurate and attractive.While honesty is always the best policy, it is a good idea to think carefully about how you present yourself in your profile and follow-up interactions — just as you would in offline situations such as job interviews and first dates.Some sites, like e Harmony, required users to complete a full diagnostic psychological profile and limit their interactions to those with whom they were matched up by the site’s algorithm.Today’s online dating sites have morphed into stripped-down mobile dating applications such as Tinder or Hinge that ask for minimal personal information up front: usually just a photo, location, and a few demographics such as gender, age, and sexual orientation.

One of my central research findings that still holds true, though, is the tension between presenting one’s “ideal” versus “actual” self.Indeed, an online dating profile is similar to a “resume” in which people try to sell themselves, to potential romantic partners rather than employers.It has also been likened to a “promise” of a desired future self and users justify making claims (such as “I work out regularly”) that may not be true now, so long as they be true in the future when they actually meet their future date.Presenting ones’ self and assessing others in online dating can be challenging.When you meet someone face-to-face, you have many visual and social cues to provide clues about the person and their relationship to you.

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