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Clinton bought it from them for ,000 and used the money to refurnish the salon and to pay for studio time.

He suffered from severe pain & couldn’t make music anymore.James Brown originally was straight edge and extremely judgmental of anyone doing drugs.Which is interesting because later in his career, James struggled from drug addiction as well.pic.twitter.com/cf Vqax WLq3 It is said that when Billie Holiday was laying handcuffed to her death bed (she was arrested for possession of narcotics) she had 0 stuck in her vagina. pic.twitter.com/UWOTi3Wg Mj Nat King Cole and his family moved to a Los Angeles suburb (Hancock Park) in 1948. Their arrival sparked protests, the Cole family’s Dog was poisoned and murdered, and racial insults were burned into their yard.pic.twitter.com/kywic GDevo Sammy Davis Jr., fell for actress Kim Novak in 1957.

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