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The Frisky: Could you get past hearing "I don't love you anymore?

" I don't know if my Draper-esque ex cheated -- though I suspect he did -- but I do think he broke up with me because I was a threat.

This season -- which started August 16 -- I'm sure we'll see more cracks in Don Draper's facade, and it should be compelling and exciting to watch.

But in real life, with a real Don Draper, I could only do so much.

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Betty Draper may not know Don's secrets, but they do share a bond he doesn't have with other people. They don't know him at all and they don't have the ability or even the interest in seeing something deeper like Betty does.

They're not threatening to his persona, but she is.

Don Draper cheats on his wife, never does any housework, hardly spends time with his kids—he shouldn’t be sexy, but he is.

What makes Don Draper so drool-worthy on screen does not translate in real life.

But the reasons and motivations behind his repulsive actions are slowly being revealed with each new episode.

At the same time, being one of the few who is able to get past the facade feels powerful.

When you're in love, having that power only makes you feel even more special.

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