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Many of Wimborne's pubs are old, with some dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. The town has three first schools (St John's, Wimborne and Pamphill) and two middle schools (St Michael's and Allenbourn).

Wimborne First School, formerly Wimborne Primary School, has been educating the children of Wimborne Minster to primary level since 1911. has been in existence in its present form since 1950 and is based in Leigh Park, Gordon Road on the eastern side of the town.

After her death the school became Wimborne Grammar School. The club's 4 adult teams play in the Dorset Cricket League and the 1st XI have won the Dorset Premier League title in 1997, 2012, 20.

Although the Grammar School buildings still remain they have now been converted to flats. Dorset County Cricket Club played home matches at Wimborne sporadically from the 1957 until 1979 before returning in 2018 to Wimborne's current ground at The Leaze.

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Children's story evenings are held at the model village.

Wimborne and the adjacent area of Merley are served by two upper schools: Corfe Hills School and Queen Elizabeth's School. Cricket has been played in Wimborne since at least 1793, when the club was known as Hanham's Cricket Club, playing on the green in the centre of town from 1860.

Queen Elizabeth's School has very close links with the Minster and was founded by Lady Margaret Beaufort in 1497. In 2010, the club moved to its new ground at The Leaze as part of the planning application which allowed Waitrose to build a new supermarket on the site of the original Wimborne Cricket Club.

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