Dreamweaver zes updating site catche

Sometimes, deleting this file is not sufficient, and you need to delete your personal configuration folder in its entirety.

WARNING: Do not confuse your personal configuration folder with the main configuration folder in Program Files in Windows or Applications on a Mac.

It also claims to speed up the Asset panel, link management, and Site Map features.

Of these items, I think the link management is the only thing that I use.

In Advanced settings, choose Show hidden files and folders.

Once you turn on this option, hidden folders are displayed as dimmed icons to remind you to treat them with care.

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It was a really lousy thing for her to do." "I never got an e-mail.To disable this, open up the Local Info page of your website settings. You can get there through Manage Sites…Edit or by double clicking on the website name in the drop down on the Files tab. By unchecking this selection, you won’t have any more trouble with this pop up window/file scan.This is where it can be found in Dreamweaver CS3: Windows 7/Vista: The personal configuration folder for Dreamweaver 8 and older is in a similar location, except you should replace "Adobe" with "Macromedia" and substitute the appropriate version of Dreamweaver in the path name.The Dreamweaver configuration folders are hidden on Windows, so you need to enable the option to view hidden files and folders in order to locate them, as follows: In Vista, select Start View.

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