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and this has nothing to do with eliza, yall acting like he hooked up with paris hilton or jessica simpson. So you shouldn't get mad when biracial people call themselves that and not black.

Folks have been spotting them all over each other around Miami and Vegas since March. You don't have to please them and you ain't got nothing to prove, so live your life! Vanessa stated that herself on a Canadian talk show because some ignorant black writer was calling her half- white because she is light and has green eyes.

Vanessa williams is mixed, her mother was a white woman and her father was black man. I had a mixed friend who claimed tha she was white, and when she checked it on her application everyone was 100% shocked to see a light skined woman with long honey complexion hair. Someone mentioned Vanessa Williams as a black woman and that is true, she defines herself that way because both of her parents are light colored African Americans.

It is their prerogative and I don't understand some black people, usually dark skinned ones like me, who are angered by this.

You cant stand to see a Black man with a white girl. Many black scholars will tell you that this effects more than the self esteem of black women.

I don't look at race that way I never knock anyone for finding someone for themselves. It deprives black children of fathers, increase poverty, decreasing the black population, (many pass for latino), and so many other cultural and socioeconomic ramifications.

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