Email validating in c

The idea is that most email addresses fall in a very narrow subset of the RFC: [email protected] most people would have entered their email wrong if it didn't match that pattern. From a previous startup we saw a ton of signups like, "[email protected]" and the like.

That condition aside, Mailcheck is pretty much all you'll ever need.[0] Mailcheck looks pretty interesting - I'd been considering adding some sort of client side validation for email addresses for my personal projects, and this looks pretty solid.

We only use Briteverify for contact import jobs through the importer.

We can't use Briteverify everywhere because we are limited on the number of emails we can check per day.

So I want to vouch for a github project called mailcheck[0] by the Kicksend team that's great.

At Ventata, we used to have the same issues you've all described with people forgetting things like ".com" and "gmial" vs "gmail".

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